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I can't believe the feminist movement is being attacked by men in dresses

I mean, of all fucking things.

Imagine if a white guy walked into a BLM rally wearing blackface demanding to be called "my nigga" and calling black women racist for not wanting to date him, and then proceeding on tearing down flags and assaulting and sending death treaths to people who don't take him seriously. He'd have his ass handed to him.

Can we at least try to be a bit more scary? If we can't scare off a bunch of mentally ill men in dresses how can we ever expect to fight the patriarchy?

I can’t believe it either. How can you take a good look at the average tranny and not laugh your ass off to begin with? Transwomen are clearly mentally ill, cross-dressing creeps, and women are simping hard for them catching themselves on fire to keep these delusional clowns warm. What a joke. I know women are self-sacrificing slaves for men, but there’s a line and this crosses it.

I wish women were more selfish, scary and violent, but we’re not and we’ll always be second class losers because of it. I wonder what annoying bullshit will happen next after men in dresses are done dominating and humiliating us. Female robots claiming they’re the real women? AI taking its chance to dominate us as well? The possibilities are endless when it comes to female humiliation and suffering.

Modern feminism became a meme the moment they let in anyone who could say the word "feminist". Feminism became the punchline to a joke that they use in conversations, they were allowed to say sexist shit and then mutter about being "very feminist btw". Now it is too late. You can barely mention women's health problems because "muh vagina" is not inclusive. You invite a clown, you call it a party but if you invite all the clowns it becomes a circus.



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