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The LGBTQ library network frames the debate as a child health issue. Its activists claim that the library is often the only safe space where inquiring youth can discover their sexuality. Without these resources, young people can despair, and lives will be lost. Not having these materials, they argue, will create a non-welcoming and hostile environment for the LGBTQ-confused student.

In an Internet age where everything is available online, these claims hold no water. Furthermore, there is no proof that lives will be lost. What is known is that the content of many of these books is so indecent that it cannot be described in polite society.

The effort to turn libraries into promotion centers for these obscene materials is to validate the LGBTQ lifestyle in the minds of youth. The goal is to tear down some of the last barriers of modesty and decency that defend childhood innocence. Under the false banner of health care, children will be exposed to pornographic materials forbidden by law. This is child abuse to the highest degree.



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