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Father God I come before you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. I confess that on my behalf, both with and without my consent, evil grids have been established relative to my life. I confess that these evil grids have entangled me (alters, fragments, shards, splinters, blood, DNA, RNA, sounds, frequencies and realms) with powers of darkness, evil realms, composite entities engineered with components of my DNA, members of my bloodlines and their parts past, present, and future, and have granted me and my parts access to powers and abilities from the kingdom of darkness. <...>
Furthermore, I renounce the evil grids and all power, authority, status, prestige, and inheritance associated with them now. I also call every part of me, down to my sub-quantum components, stationed over my grids in lordship, or any ruling capacity whatsoever, fired in the name of Jesus, along with all backups, duplicates, replicas, derivatives, replacement, impersonators, stand-ins, ancestors, merfolk, hybrids, clones, twins, mirror images, holograms, Artificial Intelligence replicas, archived memories, spirit children or composite entities containing my DNA and/or RNA.
I declare the complete release from my grids, not only of humanity, but of inheritances, legacies, birth rights, agendas, geographies, governments, shadow governments, nations, moons, stones, trees, mountains, stars, planets, galaxies, constellations, universes, constructs, blueprints, and components of creation bound up in my grids now, and declare your kingship and eternal rule over everything that was entangled with (or subjugated by) my grids. I now move to forgive myself for all the evil, harm, and disruption that was imposed by my grids against your creation. I furthermore command and receive the cleansing and reinstatement of all formerly compromised components of my God-ordained inheritance, legacy, blood, DNA, RNA, plasma, and birthright.



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