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The amazing economic and military growth of the Illuminati’s Triad of Evil means that we may be approaching the final phase of our prophetic history.
The “Cold War” was created to apply worldwide the Hegelian Dialectic of the Jesuits. That as the thesis and antithesis; that is to pit “the Free World in the West” against “the Communist Bloc in the East”. The American Empire was to lead the West, and the Russian Empire the East. Both sides were to be financed by the Jesuit international banking cartel, centred in London and New York, specifically by the Federal Reserve and the Chase-Manhattan Banks, both owned by the Rothschilds.

This synthesis was to destroy the US Empire through the so-called “end of the Cold War”. The illusion of the end of the Cold War would legally enable the Roman corporate monopolies, united in New York City under the leadership of the Council on Foreign Relations, to give Russia and China high technology and financial support, as was eventually illegally realised by Hillary Clinton. This perfected the war machines of both economic communist and political fascist giants, with the aim of invading North America.

It is important to know the following consistency: The Knights financed Lenin and Hitler from Wall Street, also with the help of their Federal Reserve Bank led by Masonic Zionist Jews, including Warburg in particular. The Knights negotiated the Concordat – a papal treaty – between the Pope and Hitler in the person of Franz von Papen.
Red China was created by the Rothschilds and chosen as a poster-child and role model for the Illuminati’s Hegelian synthesis of communism versus capitalism.

Meanwhile, the United States was deliberately downtrodden and suppressed. Extraterrestrial philosophies and a wave of immorality are being used to destroy man’s spirit, while Wall Street managers continue with their Ponzi scheme of manipulation.



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