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RE: DSDs - How to cut the Gordian knot?
(Submitters note regarding context: discussion about what intersex conditions should categorically exclude someone from women’s spaces)

I would exclude Swyer, CAIS and all other males with DSDs.

Put simply, it's not simply the presence of male sex hormones/ testoterone during development that leads to the physical advantages that males have over females. The presence of female sex hormones during normal development during puberty and afterwards lead to physical disadvantages for women that CAIS males do not experiences.

For example, CAIS males have a height advantage that women do not. Estrogen causes epiphyses to fuse and so women tend to stop growing taller shortly after they reach puberty.

In addition, women develop wider hips to accommodate childbirth, but this is at the cost of an increased likelihood of injuries and a less efficient running stance. See and . Biological males who have never had any of the benefits of testosterone do not experience the disadvantages from estrogen, which would still give them a leg up on women.



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