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(Context: a right-wing Islamophobe coping on Cambion-Hunter’s “MUSLIM IDIOTS AND MOB RULE”)

It's like I said, Cambion. It doesn't matter what somebody does to appease them or how well they do it. They will be offended because being offended is their way of life. They're a bunch of cock sucking, shit eating, child fucking (literally, sadly) cunt bags who not only have no regard for themselves, but are happy to do so. To them, being alive is evil and they must destroy existence in one giant act of martyrdom. Good food, an education, good paying jobs, freedom of speech, hell just BREATHING distracts you from Allah in their book, and so they want the whole world to die along with them.

I've come to realize this: Islam is what North Korea keeps trying to be, only they actually succeed. They want to wipe out all of their existence, they are the end result of altruism, everything to them is war and they want nukes to use on everybody else. And like North Korea, they are slavishly devoted to the Dear Leader. In this case, that Dear Leader is Allah instead of Kim Jong Un. Unfortunately, these guys have the technology and capabilities to carry out their threats, so unlike the Koreans, they aren't funny (I'm still convinced that the Kims are secretly Looney Tunes who somehow came to life, Roger Rabbit style).

So what do we do? Again, it's getting to the point where we just have to nuke them, and then they'd still view that as martyrdom. Sadly, we can't intimidate them. But as a fictional character once said, "Men go to prison, dogs get put down." I realize comparing a real group of sociopaths to a comic is a bit childish, but now and then you read a kernel of truth in such things.

Hey, Islam! Fuck you! Fuck your father in the ass with an AIDS infected strap on while your mother gets a job and an education, and your kids convert to Christianity and abandon you! May you get raped a thousand times for all of the boy slaves you keep, you fucking, cock sucking, piss drinking pedophiles! If I could join the military, I'd wipe you off the fucking map and I'd feel HAPPY! Fuck Muhammed the Dick Sucker, fuck Allah the Great Cornholio in the Fake Sky, and FUCK YOU!!! You mad?! COME AT ME!!! I DARE YOU!!! THE SECOND YOU KILL ME, MY WHOLE FAMILY AND ALL OF OUR NEIGHBORHOOD WILL KILL YOU!!!

Bring it on, bitch!

Nice job, Cambion. Keep fighting.



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