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[From "VIDEO: Hermann Göring – WW1 Fighter Ace"]

Hermann Göring - WW1 Fighter Ace

Göring will forever be known as one of the most Loyal and Esteemed members of the National Socialist Party, only second to Adolf Hitler

He is one of my favorite leaders of the Third Reich, and he always executed his leadership as a way of serving by example, with a high sense of morality even above and beyond many other Party Leaders. Excellent Execution with Finesse, and Serious Ruthlessness

A Larger than Life type persona, along with his weight he threw around like Bismarck had

Göring is also one of the most despised and envied of the Nazi Party leadership, besides Hitler and Goebbels

Göring also was the key element in identifying Jews and ridding them from Germany and every aspect of German Life and Culture. A very meticulous task

Such an honorable Man, that even our enemies cannot even hold back from praising the Noble character of this great Man



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