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Serious Do you believe all humans are bad?

I find it very interesting that for all of man's creations of entertainment like movies, games, books, etc, these types of entertainment all have worlds that boast better morality, laws, people, and etiquette than our current one.

It really begs the question as to why the world is the way It is. We literally have people who would rather lie to themselves instead of actually doing something about it.

For example, in these stories-

you'll see friendships with bonds that are so close they are willing to die for each other.

Women who are sentinet and actually give a shit about anything but themselves.

People who have no problem pointing out how wrong they are.

A society where laws apply equally to both sexes, races, etc.

If humans are capable of creating these fantasy worlds in their head, then why is the world we currently live in shit?

Is it ignorance? Lack of profit? A lack of desire to create a world that everyone can enjoy? Or is a morally just world impossible for humans due to their nature.



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