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You may have heard about the Planet-X, some call it: Niburu or Nibiru. The planet with her own trajectory, moving from another solar system into our solar system. The invisible-visible planet. And you may have heard the rumors that this planet is about to approach Earth and this can cause severe Earth changes.

It doesn't matter whether you believe in a flat Earth, a spherical Earth or Crater Earth. The interview with John Moore is important for everybody. Various details and examples are presented in this interview, which will connect many dots and links for you. Why it doesn't matter in what type Earth you believe? Because the cabal or whatever you want to call them, are able to do all kinds of weather modifications, including Earth quakes, tornados and more severe weather events. You know the usual suspects: H.A.A.R.P., EISCAT, satellite based Direct Energy Weapons and so on. Besides that: the stories about another planet approaching Earth is quiet old and possibly based on reality.

What about the Earth dome hypothesis? If there's a huge dome over Earth, then we can really go to space and space objects can't hit us? People going into space is something questionable. We have seen the wires on Astronaut's, when watching some NASA videos, but where going a bit off topic here. Just don't be surprised if some billionaire in 'space' announces first contact with an Extra Terrestrial race. Or the Earth is hit by cataclysms while they are in 'space'. It's always a good idea to prep for whatever.

As if all the chaos on Earth is not enough: the renegade Planet-X is approaching Earth and may cause mass mayhem.
The chaos may be well organized and orchestrated. There's a reason why so many people talk about: Plandemics and the kill shot or: clotshot.



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