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I am Karma, and it’s my time to step in and remind humanity about the importance of following Divine Codes. Let me elaborate, which are the most important ones. Nobody can cause harm or take someone’s life without consequences. This applies to every being, it doesn’t matter, where are you residing in Cosmos.

Your planet has been ruled by different species for billions of years. Anunaki, Giants, Anchors, Reptilians and others stayed on Earth for a certain period of time. Millions of ships passes through this part of Milky Galaxy. The planet’s location has been very desirable for different civilizations, that caused the starship battles on the surface and around globe. Negative energies were surrounding your sphere for millennia.

Recently, my team cleansed old karma from Earth’s crust to allow new positive energies to settle from Cosmos. Every one, who contributes to taking or harming life, can face a possibility of being striped from a soul. The soul usually gets to be returned to the Universal Consciousness without a right to exist as a separate entity. After causing so many destructions and deaths over prolong time, the Corrupted Souls will bear that outcome.

Each negative word or action can attract undesirable aftereffects. Please, always be aware, on what you say and how are you say it, and don’t react in spare of the moment. Your past lives karmas, as I mentioned in my previous message, have been removed. If you desire to ascend, let go of hatred, jealousy, ego, criticism and etc.
My team is overlooking billions of Galaxies, Star Systems and Universes. They are working to bring peace to the Cosmos, many planets are still in disarray. The balance between Light and Darkness will be introduced back. The ones who harmed living entities including nature, animals and etc. on Mother Earth will pay for violations of Divine Codes.



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