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[Discussion] Life’s rules don’t necessarily apply to us

Maybe this is water is wet, but common advice, rules and suggestions by professionals don’t really apply to us because of our situation.

I will use myself to illustrate. I’m an oldcel virgin and want to blast steroids as one final chance at ascension. My life has been full of depression abuse and shit in most aspects. Now if a doctor said don’t use steroids (beyond my TRT) because it can be unhealthy, that may be true but he’s inserting his own values. As an old ass incel my life is not worth much. So if I die literally who cares? I can safely use steroids that come with risks but I fully accept the risks because the potential benefits far outweigh the risks.

This wasn’t meant to be another steroid thread, I just used that as an example. I can come up with another if I’m unclear. What about you, anything that doesn’t apply to you because inkwell?



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