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…and now we will add some additional color on this Great Reset con, and how the illegitimate and wholly captured Federal government is destroying American from within on behalf of its globalist handlers;

What we are now witnessing is the acceleration of the corporate and private central bank melding with the Cloward-Piven Strategy to bring Western nations to their collective knees in plain sight.

Of course, PSYOP-CLIMATE-CHANGE is now directly responsible for the latest “highly pathogenic” avian flu virus, which is now being trial ballooned for the upcoming DISEASE-X “pandemic:”
It is critically important to appreciate that the WHO is the UN’s “health” node, and nothing more; in other words, the latter controls the former and sets its eugenics policies along with a little help from Rockefeller puppet Gates and other assets.

Which ultimately brings us right back to the UN and their technocommunist ploy to control the entire planet with “climate change” and “pandemics” and other swindles:
The Club of Rome is also behind the open borders, “pandemics,” and their invention of the whole anthropogenic “climate change” psyop:
It is vital for the UN et al. to destroy the cultures, health, and IQ’s of nations like Japan and America in order to institute their dystopian Agendas and Resets. Pernicious central bank mandates, society-collapsing open border and immigration policies, scamdemics, slow kill bioweapons, bug gruel, processed foods, synthetic meats, environmental toxin releases, sun blotting aerosols, GMO frankenmosquitos, mass fear and self-loathing “climate change” brainwashing campaigns, X Everything App social credit score systems, encouraged mass euthanasia, and so on and so forth are the various tools and ops that they are foisting on the slaves of the earth in order to achieve their nefarious transhumanist endgame.

But good always defeats evil, in the end.

They want you dead.

Do NOT comply.



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