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Knowing full well the avalanche of libel under which Dixie has been buried for far too long, we rebels rightly denounce US propaganda aimed at the Confederacy, our ancestors, heroes, and symbols, and Southern-hate in general. So why embrace the same lies spouted by the same pathological liars and for the very same pathological reasons only when aimed at another country and people group?

Putin is Hitler, just like Robert E. Lee! Let’s regime-change ol’ Vlad right out of Russia’s capital the same way we knocked Lee from his pedestal in the former Capital of the Confederacy! After all, Russian supremacism is racist just like the white-supremacist “heritage not hate” dog whistle made by those deplorable Dixians. Two peas in a hateful ideological pod, so they say.

One of the layers of propaganda to justify nearly any abhorrent, immoral, or illegal act is to establish another country’s leader as a “depraved, blood-thirsty villain” and then demonize its people. Putin is both Hitler and a KGB commie, say the presentists, while Robert E. Lee was a slave-owning, POC-whipping racist and a traitor to American “unity.”

They’re white-hooded trouble-making twins who are anathema to our puritanical-progressive paradise, so do to them what you must, woke warriors! Equality and democracy hang in the balance!
C’mon, y’all. This is all part of the same amped-up lunacy we’ve heard a thousand times before. Beware of playing along for it’s the same totalitarian tidal wave that aims to drown you and yours, Southern man.
The establishment says the mess in Ukraine is not only Russia’s fault, but so is every other ill in your life. Ensue Pavlovian response!

As all right-thinking Muricans know, Russians just like Dixians are uneducated, rancorous rubes whose only reason for existence is to bring about “the end of a relatively peaceful global era”. The globohomo policies of our depraved overlords could never engender such division and strife. Perish the thought, citizen.



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