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I won’t bore you with news from Germany. Everything is the same. Only that more and more people are walking around with masks again. The only country in the world where “C” still exists, it seems to me. And only because millions keep it alive through their fear and consumption of the MSM. Through their testing for “C” and inability to recognize that it was and still is a huge scam. Even those who witness relatives and acquaintances die or get damage from vaccination completely dismiss a connection. Indoctrination? In Germany a complete success for the cabal. It is quite grotesque to me, with the knowledge of today, how media narratives are still carried along by so many fellow human beings and how ignorantly all signs that they are lies are consistently disregarded. If indoctrination and brainwashing ever worked perfectly, it certainly did in Germany. Even those who call themselves awakening keep falling back into impatience, lamentation and disappointment.
In the meantime, I’ m also convinced that the alliance has taken over many swindlers and charlatans and also many who pretended to us all to be on the good side, but had a different agenda, namely making money with their half-truths. Since Germany is lagging behind somewhat, as with so many things, it is not yet so here, all continue unhindered with their business models.
I certainly don’t want to denigrate or badmouth anything here, I just want to use examples to show that we are actually not prepared for much. We are prepared to go to a better world or to rebuild a deliberately destroyed world. We may also be prepared to experience our own leaving the third dimension, getting a higher consciousness.
Let’s just be ready for the new world, ready for prosperity and abundance, ready for a nature that we have all rarely experienced and ready to learn everything necessary when the right time comes. The new communities need unity, cohesion, tolerance and WE instead of ME.

WWG1WGA!!! Mani wastete yo!



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