metabuxx #sexist

[It's Over] This is what's gonna happen after you somehow manage to find a date..

So you take her to a male artist's concert where you are struggling to adjust your binoculars just so you can catch a glimpse of the guy while your date is standing there screaming at the top her lungs, fantasizing about fucking him and wishing you weren't there so she could throw her panties on the stage.

After that you take her to an expensive restaurant where a Chad waiter is serving at your table. Then suddenly she excuses herself to use the washroom and while you are busy playing Candy Crush, she is getting railed by Chad in the alley behind the restaurant.

Then you decide to hit the bar before you head home and guess what, Chad bartender """accidentally""" spills drinks on her dress and offer to help her clean it up. And while you are at the counter waiting for her, she is deepthroating Chad bartender's 9 inch dick in the toilet.

And finally after a """great""date you are dropping her at her house and you're thinking "This is part where I'll get laid" but she's like "Anon, its been nice knowing you but I don't feel the connection. See you around." And then on the way back home, you'll wish that a truck runs over you and ends your suffering once and for all.

Shadow of Chad looms everywhere.



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