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Once upon a time, not all that long ago, the pro-White community used to live by the motto of "No more brother wars!"

And now an insane number of "our guys" are promoting the idea of Russia wiping out hundreds of millions of Western Whites.

I don't believe for a second that this condition is organic. I believe that someone or some entity is pumping massive amounts of money into our community to promote this anti Western-White rhetoric.

@Nature_and_Race Are modern-day Germany and Ukraine worth saving? It would appear the answer is NO.

@Nature_and_Race Yes, in theory, ideally, no more brother wars.

But in reality, many, many whites will fight to their last breath to preserve the system that seeks to destroy them. And we cannot allow our concern for their wellbeing, no matter how well-intentioned, to stop us from doing what must be done to save our people.

Again, our mission is to save our people as a whole, not to save any one person, nor even any one group of them. If we are not willing to do what must be done, if we do not have the stomach for it, then we are lost.

@Nature_and_Race -- Those people are not "pro-White" They belong to a completely different and opposing ideological group. That's "Duginism". It is weird that those Duginists are targeting the pro-White movement specifically. I wouldn't be surprised if the Russian government was somehow, someway, financing them.

@Nature_and_Race If you're White you shouldn't support Whites killing Whites. That's what the jews want, more brother wars. The jews bet on themselves while pretending to support both sides, depending on which political aisle you're on.

@Nature_and_Race Yeah, I'm pro-white but please go murder the best of us again. And hey, go have kids with Asians too, white women are awful.

@KlausVonSteiner Yep. It's Duginist/nazbol brainwashing. Only the dummies fall for it, but it's still annoying since the dummies outnumber the rest of us.



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