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RE: Shapeshifters


I'm also listening to this interview right now:

Her ability is interesting. She doesn't transform into a werewolf or whatever. She just randomly morphs into a person out of other peoples memory. She saw a homeless man on the bus and then she suddenly morphed into an adult male. The homeless man recognized "him" and freaked out. But it also happened with her ex-boyfriend, who does the interview. After sex, she morphed into a woman he knew and it freaked him out. Another time she saw a pregnant co-worker, and later her own body was visibly pregnant. Again, her ex-boyfriend saw and touched her pregnant belly... which disappeared the next morning.

She had this ability since birth but does not know why. She suspects that a different entity is in control, mentioning Jinn and their ability to shapeshift..

If shes got Jinn involved, its nagual shapeshifting. That "other entity", is the Jinn that possessed her when she was born. She would have died without it, so its fair that it possesses her body.

Shapeshifting is done by controlling the assemblage point and using the nagual energy body. Basically its an energy body made of clear mist like incorporeal awareness. The assemblage point controlls what possibility of perception manifest in this mist, and then it shapes itself into that possibility and the being shapeshifts. Its not about physical transformation, from this level the consciousness is more in control over its identity/reality of physicality, than the other way around. It sounds like the girl is seeing someone else, and her assemblage point synchronizes with theirs, so she takes the form of their awareness.

The process of shifting isn't really painful, but its startling, and hard to trigger.



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