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So what is the future

What are we going to do? Is there even anything we can do? Have we given up and preparing to die with minimal damage to our soul and body (avoiding males and their slaves) and not bringing our daughters into it?

As individuals it depends on what our options are... For me I may become a nun one day just so I can live the rest of my days only among women without having to worry about males invading the community since most traditional religious institutions like the Catholic Church do not and probably will never bow down to TRA junk and accept the trans women are women garbage from TRAs...

As far as what we are going to do as a whole in the future... I think we should look for a way to reproduce without the male sex being involved. If parthenogenesis becomes possible for humans we can start deciding if keeping males around at all is worth it or not... Personally I think we would be better off without the great majority of them at least... Women need to wake up and stop birthing so many moids into this world... Especially ugly moids which the vast majority of moids end up becoming... 🤢🤮

that nun thing is pretty smart, nowadays even nursing homes for old women are filled with troons...

Ideally, make enough money to build a female only country with a military and create a bioweapon to eliminate males. Bioweapons are cheaper and easier to manage than nuclear weapons, so this can be achievable its just a matter of resources, team work and execution. Also, it will be a pity if I just die and not bring some males down with me.

I'm hoping in another five years or so some of the branches of the womyn's land movement will see the error in including men and I'll buy into one of those.

Women's communes. Unfortunately, the TIMs have infiltrated many of them.

I would love for a blackpilled to become a millionaire to raise funds for what she believes in. Millionaire moids do this a lot. Perhaps it would be possible in South Korea where the pessimistic, and separatist radfem is more popular.



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