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[From “Monday after Martin Luthor King day is "released from bail for MLK Day crimes day"”]

Martin Luthor King wanted to live in a world where his offspring would be judged for the content of their characters instead of their skin colour[…]
Niggers shouldn't have taken that deal because it actually comes out worse for them. While King's own spawn (at least the ones from women who know the identity of their rapist) aren't exactly shining white (ha) beacons on the hill, his fellow spear chuckers can't even reach that bar

We've been reliably told that the nigger is genetically incapable of living in a law abiding civilized manner. It's just not in their DNA[…]for them DNA just stands for "Dumb Nigger Arrested"[…]Take it away, Fani Willis:

Black women aren't perfect, and I'm sleeping with the unqualified prosecutor I hired, and I'm on a political mission to throw Trump in jail. But you've gotta ignore all that, let me continue to sin and violate all professional ethics

Okay, that was the NotTheBee summary of her comments but her point was literally that expecting a negress to follow the law is unacceptable[…]That thick black tar flowing through her veins instead of the red blood that human beings carry. That's what causes her to break the law even as she's acknowledging that she is indeed guilty[…]
Fani Willis DA uses race and gender to excuse misconduct

Yeah maybe stick to being judged by your skin colour. At least in that circumstance we can understand and sympathize that we were asking you to be a better person than you're genetically capable of



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