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To all the males lurking here and trying to get our subreddit banned

Cope harder moid. Yes this is a male hate sub. And why shouldn't it be? You rape us, impregnate us, tie us down to you using social and economic systems and institutions specifically designed to benefit you. You terrorize our existance. You threaten our safety, well-being, and life itself. You've made it miserable to live. You want us to live in your service, constantly birth babies with your genes and your last names. You treat us like walking incubators, pass laws to keep us in our subservient place, enact unbelievable violence just because you can. You are the enemy. You're so angry because radical feminism and black pill feminism lays bare the truth about your psyche; your need to absolutely control the very being of women. And so what if we advocate for sex selective advocacy of male foetuses? It's a non-violent way of making males extinct. Males have proven at least since the beginning of history that they are literally incapable of not raping, enslaving, torturing and wanting to control women. So why are you suprised that we think you are biologically hard wired to be violent and deranged? There's not enough evidence to the contrary. It's a very implausible scenario, but in case males go extinct permanently, I'll rejoice. Take your dose of copium; males have crippled chromosomes floating in your cells. Male nature is the product of Nature playing Frankenstein with complex life. And the experiment ought to end.



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