Rev. Joel Webbon #fundie #homophobia

During a June 12, 2024 livestream, Christian nationalist pastor Joel Webbon defended making homosexuality a capital offense[…]
On his YouTube show, Right Response Ministries, Webbon, along with his co-hosts Wesley Todd and Michael Belch, defended the use of capital punishment for homosexuality. Webbon explained that in the Old Testament, death was often a “maximum penalty” for a crime, but wasn’t necessarily mandated

He likened the situation to a Texas law which made littering an offense punishable by “up to two years in jail and a $5,000 fine.” Webbon remarked that he doesn’t “know anybody in the state of Texas who’s doing hard time for throwing a Coke bottle out the window” as a first offense. However, he suggested it might be necessary for “repeat offenders”

Webbon said that murder was the only crime for which capital punishment was mandated in the Old Testament[…]
“And what does that actually do? We can map it out so easily. Statistically from state to state, where capital punishment is on the books for murder, guess what? There’s less murder”[…]
Webbon said that the Old Testament also made it a capital offense for a child to strike their parents, but that “there’s not even one case that we can find of a child being put to death for dishonoring his father and mother.” He reasoned that this was because children were dissuaded from striking their parents by the threat of death[…]
Webbon said that if a man slept with another man — and there were either witnesses or a confession — there was no guarantee they would be sentenced to death[…]
Last year[…]Webbon wrote that capital punishment for homosexuality is “the just penalty according to God’s Immutable Law”[…]
Michael Belch began reading what he claimed were facts about the LGBTQ community — including their average mortality rates. When Belch claimed that the “median age of death” for gays and lesbians is 42 and 45[…]Webbon joked that it “sounds like if society won’t enforce the penalties, God’ll do it”



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