Blood Tribe and Christopher Alan Pohlhaus #wingnut #racist #psycho #transphobia #sexist

About two dozen neo-Nazis marched through downtown Nashville, Tennessee, on Saturday in an event the group billed as a celebration to “the great white South,” according to flyers the group’s leader Christopher Alan Pohlhaus posted to the social media app Telegram

Pohlhaus, who uses the moniker “The Hammer” in white power spaces online, heads the neo-Nazi group Blood Tribe and led the group in antisemitic and racist chants as they marched through downtown Nashville[…]
Pohlhaus shared a message from the Blood Tribe Upper Midwest Telegram channel on Jan. 19 that promoted the rally as “Coming soon to Dixie America.” In the Jan. 19 post, the author writes: “We are Nazis. We are white supremacists. We are white ethno nationalists. We despise Jews. We despise [n-word]s and all non-whites. And nobody is having more fun…Get involved”[…]
Pohlhaus founded Blood Tribe in fall 2021 as an organization that favors explicit appeals to white supremacy, Hitler worship and violence. In a Jan. 19 Telegram post, Pohlhaus wrote[…]“When I get to the point where I have a thousand guys marching under the swastika every quarter[…]it will cause brown immigrants to think twice about coming here”[…]
Speaking on a far-right podcast on May 6, 2023, about why Blood Tribe rallied outside two drag shows in Ohio, Pohlhaus said, “We go to the enemy, scream at them, give them PTSD and leave.” In 2023, Pohlhaus posted an audio message to Telegram where he advocated for assaulting and raping women. Pohlhaus said: “It’s still true that people will take war brides in the end of days, and it’s just gonna happen, okay. … Honestly, I don’t find that liberal white women have the right to decide about how their reproductive system is going to be used[…]”
Pohlhaus and the Blood Tribe fantasize about violence online and strategize the best ways to harm perceived enemies. Pohlhaus polled his Telegram followers in a private chat room on July 10, 2023, and asked which of two music festivals “to carpet bomb”



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