John Witberg #ufo #conspiracy

Alpha Draco/Royal Draco. Winged reptilian humanoids, between 15 and 18 feet tall. Around 95% of them are white, however black and various shades of green ones do exist. Noted for their extreme arrogance. Most are taught that the universe is their plaything to do with as they please. However, some members of this species are very loving and gentle.
Epsilon Reticulan. Around 12 feet tall, dark brown with blue eyes. Generally very friendly to humans. Noted for their crystal based technology, particularly their crystal based quantum computers. They work with the U.S. Navy, and with positive factions of the Ukrainian government.

Tiamat Indigenous Reptilians. A bright yellow species resembling a humanoid gecko. Generally friendly. Possibly extinct after the destruction of Tiamat.
Martian Raptors. Resemble a Deinonychus dinosaur, but they stand upright. They hate humans because of the genocide being committed against them by the Germans. They’re currently in a refugee crisis.
Ivonians. The indigenous species of a planet currently colonized by the Argentine Breakaway. They’re around 7 feet tall and look Indian, except for their slightly pointy ears and pale blue eyes. Aldebaranite. From the star system Aldebaran, a Nordic species who visually pass for Swedish. They wear all white generally. Highly racist, they’re the species who inspired the Holocaust. They currently work with negative factions in the Russian military. They also have a base underneath Beirut, Lebanon.
Aquafarians. An aquatic humanoid race from the Sirius B star system. Usually light blue, with a dark red streak down the middle of their back. Highly xenophobic, although some are very nice.
Trout People. A vaguely humanoid shaped aquatic being with the head of a trout. Native to an ocean planet in the Rigel system. They trade with Earth militaries, and are the source of a certain missile technology that’s highly prized.



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