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Another sub for femcels, gone...

So a bunch of normie+ women flooded r/vindicta and complained about the sub using "inkwell language" which prompted the sub to come up with a new system that makes no sense and is pretty much useless for the average (non-celeb/supermodel) person, and I'm honestly so pissed right now. They also completely changed the culture of the sub and started pushing BS bluepilled everyone is beautiful/beauty is subjective narratives, which completely defeats the purpose of the sub in the fucking first place. If you honestly believe that beauty is subjective, then there is no point to looksmaxxing because every improvement upon your looks that you make is ultimately in the eye of the beholder so there's no true way to increase your attractiveness to everyone.

Why is that femcels aren't allowed to have anything? Every space for ugly women gets taken over; even this sub has degraded in quality because non-femcel women feel like they need to insert their input when it isn't wanted. It's as if normies, Beckies, and Stacies can't stand to see a space that isn't about them and makes it clear too.

When I get my laptop fixed I'm going to make a new looksmaxxing sub that is for femcels ONLY since it seems that's the only way to persevere what's ours. You give non-ugly women an inch, and they take the whole fucking ruler and try to change the measurements to their likening. It's just unfuckingbelievable.



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