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The negligent parents of the evil brothers who sadistically tortured two innocent schoolboys could now be prosecuted themselves, police said today.

Detectives will trawl through the sickening revelations of drug taking, alcohol abuse and violence with a view to bringing child neglect charges.

The development followed scenes of unrestrained fury at the revelation that the young monsters - aged 11 and 12 respectively - could be released in just over four years to sit their GCSE exams
Comment:"For people on social assistance, the family of these "children" (if you can call them that.-personally I find it insultive to most children) had enough money to buy porn,drugs,alcohol,and videogames. How is it that the taxpayers subsidized this sort of lifestyle? It makes me angry to think that troops in Afghanistan and Iraq pay taxes for layabout do nothing feral families ike this. I definitely think that stiffer sentencing and the birch need to be brought back. How about naming names and photos of the perpetrators? My sympathy goes out to the victims. They'll deal with the effects of the two thugs for the rest of their lives. A minimum of 5 years isn't enough. How about 15-20 at hard labor? They were "adult" enough to torture and lie to the police but not "adult" enough to be put in a regular prison? The parents of these 2 need to be put UNDER the prision but not before all their assets have been seized and handed over to the vicitms."



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