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Douglas J. Davis falsely accused his Uber driver of antisemitism because his family was too big for the car.
4 times Grammy Award winner Douglas J Davis booked an uber black car for 4 instead of an suv for 5 without child seats.
And when the Uber driver refused to transport them for safety reasons, the man immediately started playing victim.

Davis to the driver: "Im being harassed. You're racially profiling us".
Driver: "you're saying I racially profiles you? You're 5 people, and you book a black car?"

Davis: "you're threatening me. I feel threatened. You're threatening my children.

You got out of the car, that makes you the aggressor, thats how the law works.
I heard you saying under your breath that they look jewish"
Driver: "you're sick"

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my biggest gripe with the pro palestinian movement is the lying.

you can realise that palestinian arabs did not kindly welcome jews who made aliyah before and after the shoah, they are not indigenous or the canaanites, they have been violent against israelis and jews, a lot of them do support hamas, the nakba was a war started by palestinians that they lost to israel, the palestinian national identity is reactionary to the israeli national identity, palestinians are not genetically distinct grom other arabs in the middle east,

arabs are to the middle east what white people are to the west, and they are not victims just be they face oppression if they live in the west. go speak to any person from the indigenous populations of the middle east and levant and they can tell u all abt what islamism and arabs have done to them snd their families if u refuse to believe us sneaky lying je- i mean zionists.

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If I see another “transwoman” begging for money to “help them transition” I am actually going to shit a literal physical brick, and then another, etc. and I’m going to use those bricks to wall myself off forever
Like honestly, fuck you. I know plenty of flat-chested girls who would LOVE fake boobs. I know plenty of hairy women, myself included, that would LOVE to be able to afford to laser all the hair off our faces. I would LOVE to be able to afford cute clothing. I would LOVE to be able to afford high-end cosmetics. They don’t hand that stuff out in a cis-woman gift bag when you come out of your mother with a vulva. Preforming femininity is expensive and painful and horrible and time consuming. It’s something we are forced into dedicating an enormous amount of time and money to, or we face horrible treatment. Get the fuck out of here if you think that you can not only opt into that oppression, but that because you opted in you get some kind of fucking free pass on having to make the sacrifices real women are forced to make.

Because honestly, the MtF fantasy isn’t being a woman. It’s not being an average woman with lip hair and uneven boobs and a naturally wide jaw and the natural, unpainted, plain face that god or whatever gave you. It’s not feeling ugly and inadequate every second of every day and having those thoughts reinforced by every piece of media you come across. NOBODY would want to trade male privilege for being an average woman. The fantasy is to be in the top 1% of “hot” women who get special treatment for being good decorative objects. And that’s clearer and clearer every time I see one of these bullshit begging posts. You don’t want to be a woman, with a woman’s struggles and pains and expectations and sacrifices. You don’t even RECOGNIZE a fraction of a percent of the time and money and effort that goes into preforming femininity. But I guess that’s the typical male mindset, isn’t it? Demanding everything handed to you like that…

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The whole goo-to-you evolution story is just a fairy tale.

Life only comes from life, the Law of Biogenesis. Life takes matter AND information. Matter can't create itself naturally (1st law of thermodynamics) and order cannot come from disorder (2nd law of thermodynamics). Information, which is immaterial, only comes from intelligence.
Information is also subject to the 2nd law in that you cannot get an ordered sequence of information naturally.
There is no known natural law through which matter can give rise to creation, order, and information.

---"It should now be clear where the follies of evolutionary views lie. If someone presents a model for explaining the origin of life, but he cannot say where the creative information characteristic of all life forms came from, then the crucial question remains unanswered. Somebody who looks for the origin of information only in physical matter, ignores the fundamental natural laws about information; what is more, he scorns them.
Just look at ATP synthase that’s needed for all life forms. Its amazing design is required for life and with no life, it couldn’t have done your fairy tale of evolving into what it is and does. None of this stops you goo-to-you evolutionists though, you’re all in to support your goo-to-you evolution god no matter how absurd, how unsupported, how unscientific, and even how embarrassing.

They claim no god but it is so clear they made their god, their goo-to-you evolutionary god. Their god performed miracles…naturally. When you show them that is impossible, their god then turns into the ‘god of the gaps god.’ Also known as ‘we just don’t know everything yet god.’ They will ignore the hard evidence that we know that shows for sure it’s all impossible in hopes the laws of nature will somehow change down the line so they can be right. That will not happen but their judgment with their Maker, God, will happen and then each second they wasted in their life not admitting the evidence for God, they will have severe regret. They’ll realize it’s too late then and they will pay the price for their sins since they didn’t accept God and His gift of salvation by His son, Jesus Christ. It’s all one big joke to them as they pretend to be so ‘scientific’ but their empty pride will end in FLAMES.

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I've been told repeatedly that police don't hassle me because I have "privilege" -- implying that it's unearned.

It was earned. By every person who looks like me and *didn't* commit crimes. Thanks to you, I almost never "fit the description" and am not considered a threat.

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"On Thursday night, April 1, 66-year-old Mehmood Ansari collapsed and died shortly after being robbed by a knife-wielding 12-year boy during a confrontation with multiple juveniles who were rampaging through his store"

Reply: Its sad but folks had very valid reasons to fear tamir rice & latasha harlins..both initiated violence. Rice pointed a realistic toygun. Harlins brutally attacked & whipped an old korean lady a-la kuntekinte. Black youth are far more often racist oppressors than victims of racism

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I was asked to write about racism; here’s my two cents….or perhaps more than that.

“I can’t believe how racist you are to say that before westerners came, North and South America were savage human-sacrificing warlords”
“I don’t understand how we can have a mitzvah of lo sichayeh kol neshoma and kill taf v’noshim from the 7 nations and amalek… it’s so racist”

These are some common examples of statements made by religious jews when discussing the term “racism”.

It is “racist” to say that a given race has middos and techunos which require, for the good of everyone else and themselves, to be mastered. It is 100% racist, but it’s what Hashem decided should be the best situation for bnei canaan. My rebbe rav belsky explained that the curse of noach was really a blessing. It would be in this setting that they will achieve their potential and be stopped from doing evil. Had Eliezer not had a master, he would have never became who he was.

Anti-racists can and have for decades pretended that there are no differences between races, for fear of racial crime and the horrors of the 20th century. This tactic is a failure, because “everyone knows” that this isn’t true, no matter what country one examines. We see that some racial groups consistently fail academically, socially and morally, across every continent. Not one country where they are the majority is fully developed. The anti racists themselves will not live in or even visit such communities at night, because they know their life would be in danger. Is this equivalent to hatred? Does it mean to stifle individuals who are successful… to tell them, chas veshalom, that they are bad because of their race? Heaven forbid! They are all created in the image of Hashem just as anyone else.

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The sadistic young brothers who tortured two boys almost to death will enjoy lifelong anonymity.

The pair are likely to be freed from custody within six years, before they reach the age of 18.

Then, say lawyers, they are likely to be granted the same freedom from identification given to the two boys responsible for the 1993 killing of two-year-old James Bulger.

The brothers, aged ten and 11 at the time of the attack, are housed in separate secure units where every comfort is provided for them - costing taxpayers more than £420,000 a year.

As part of their rehabilitation they are offered a range of activities including dance classes, cooking lessons and computer games.

Commenter: These aren't children, they're monsters. I don't care how old they are. We're so caught up in fostering children's self esteem and thinking that children are innocent lambs etc... that discipline has gone out the window. The punishment does NOT fit the crime. These 2 should be outed and their names should be published. Once they get anonymity, they'll go right on torturing and killing others. What a sick waste of space.

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Article text:
The negligent parents of the evil brothers who sadistically tortured two innocent schoolboys could now be prosecuted themselves, police said today.

Detectives will trawl through the sickening revelations of drug taking, alcohol abuse and violence with a view to bringing child neglect charges.

The development followed scenes of unrestrained fury at the revelation that the young monsters - aged 11 and 12 respectively - could be released in just over four years to sit their GCSE exams
Comment:"For people on social assistance, the family of these "children" (if you can call them that.-personally I find it insultive to most children) had enough money to buy porn,drugs,alcohol,and videogames. How is it that the taxpayers subsidized this sort of lifestyle? It makes me angry to think that troops in Afghanistan and Iraq pay taxes for layabout do nothing feral families ike this. I definitely think that stiffer sentencing and the birch need to be brought back. How about naming names and photos of the perpetrators? My sympathy goes out to the victims. They'll deal with the effects of the two thugs for the rest of their lives. A minimum of 5 years isn't enough. How about 15-20 at hard labor? They were "adult" enough to torture and lie to the police but not "adult" enough to be put in a regular prison? The parents of these 2 need to be put UNDER the prision but not before all their assets have been seized and handed over to the vicitms."

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Article text: At first sight, it appears to be a child's attempt at illustrating a terrible nightmare.

But what makes this image so horrifying is that it was a violent fantasy, inspired by the 18-rated horror movie Halloween, and that the ten-year-old artist was close to committing a deadly act of his own in real life.

Jon Venables drew the stick-men style picture weeks before he and Robert Thompson abducted and murdered James Bulger in 1993.

Comment: "since coming to your country I have seen this again and again, the Britsh people are weak innit and so is their justice system. I'n my country this boy would be lynched by the local residents from a peepil tree. You people could learn alot from a more civilised nation like India"

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A man has been sentenced to two and a half years in prison after pleading guilty to charges connected to beating an 86-year-old woman suffering from early-onset dementia for 42 minutes and then pushing her into an outdoor garbage bin in Dublin, Ireland. He said he thought that she was transgender and therefore was “a predatory pedophile,” repeating language often used by anti-transgender activists.

Alex Bailey, 30, said that he had taken so many drugs that night that he was in a state of “induced psychosis” and believed that the victim, Marie MacGowan, was a “man dressed up as a woman,” according to the Irish Times. She was actually trying to find her way home and was lost when she was attacked around 2 a.m.

CCTV footage shows that he spent over an hour harassing her and beating her sporadically over a period of 42 minutes. He knocked her to the ground during this time.

She got up and he pushed her head-first into a garbage bin. He tried to close the garbage bin’s lid on her, and it fell over. When she got out, Bailey punched her in the face and kicked her, police told the court.