Various commenters #homophobia

Nobody's saying homosexuality will be banned

Nobody's coming for your perverse ass sex

We're just saying maybe we should outlaw homosexuality punishable by death for 2 weeks until we can flatten this monkeypox curve.

Common sense degeneracy reform. That's all we're suggesting


@MrJoePrich I would go along with your proposal, but could add that any adult "adjacent" to a child who contracts monkeypox be drawn and quartered. The use of horses is very environmentally friendly so there is a little something for everyone in the addition.

@MrJoePrich I not only want it banned
I want them all gone

The WEF is coming to the aid of rump rangers by trying to deny that they're responsible for over 95% of the cases.

The LGBTQP Mafia need to stay away from our kids.

@MrJoePrich Two weeks to flatten the pervs

@ArtFelix @MrJoePrich bullet each to flatten the pervs... then its least for them...

@MrJoePrich Put it back in the closet and outlaw it again.


Stick to principles
Ban jews and solve virtually EVERY problem confronting the world today

@MrJoePrich perhaps we can fire people from their jobs if they refuse to give up gay butt sex. Isn’t that how we do it?

@MrJoePrich I support common sense sodomy control.

@MrJoePrich You'd think all these faggots that were obsessed with wearing masks would strap a goddamned jimmy

@MrJoePrich why cant we get a fagpox that actually kills people?

@MrJoePrich ......Then, Once You Flatten That Curve, Start Flattening The Queers Until They Get Back In That Closet And Stay There Where They Belong......Until They Go Straight To Hell.

@MrJoePrich 🔥Sodomy has consequences, enjoy the pain faggots 👍🏻😉

@MrJoePrich homo sex must be banned forever in order to end climate change



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