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Prophet Muhammed was from the Americas is a necessary post to demonstrate that Maurs/ Mu’urs and Islam are indigenous to the Americas since people want to make Islam, via, the double O European and African Moors, as the invaders, when we know that the Dum Diversas (papal bull) of 1452 authorized Christians and Catholics to take possession of Saracens (Moslem Maurs) and pagans (Hebrews) and subject them to perpetual servitude
Prophet Muhammed, a Blackamoor (Negro/ Naga), stopped at Coba (Koba/ Kaba) in Mexico to Pray (see “The Sheild of Prophet Muhammed,” as a Black man). Coba is an ancient Maya city on the Yucatán Peninsula, located in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. Coba is etymologically the same as Koba, Cuba, and Kaba (Kaaba). Prophet Muhammed of the Holy Quran stopped at Koba (Coba) or the Kaba (Kaaba) before he reached Medina to pray at a Koba mosque called Al Takwa in Mexico.
We know that Mexico was Southern Arabia, which means that Mexico is also Southern Saudi Arabia:
The Xi Anu People, aka, the Olmecs are the first inhabitants of the Americas, and they were giant Negroes with Asian or Oriental features. The Olmecs were survivors of the Atlantis disaster that occurred in the Americas, so they were not from Africa:

After the Great Flood, which I believed caused Atlantis to sink, the oxygen of the Earth fell causing everything to shrink down to its normal size. Over 10,000 years ago we had giants on the earth in those days. “There were giants on the Earth in those days” ~ Genesis 6:4 KJV Bible. The cause of the great flood was due to Mount Roraima, aka, the Tree of Life, being chopped down:
Olmec is also the origin of the word Mexico (Olmec =old Mexican), and Olmeccan (Olmeccan= old Meccan). Now that we know this, where is the old Mecca of the Olmec/ Maya? Guatemala was the Mecca or Wakanda of the Maurs (High priests of Anu) of Mexico.



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