American Plague #racist #wingnut

VP Harris asked NASA if they could identity "black trees" from space because of racism in where trees are growing. You really can't be any dumber then this.

Hank Johnson, a black Democrat from Georgia, was once worried that if too many people were to inhabit the island of Guam, that it would capsize.

I am British and heard that when I was young and thought the guy must be joking, just that the joke didn't go down too well, no-one would be that stupid, but now I know black people, I believe he was being serious, he serious thought that, unfortunately we Whites don't realise too often they are not joking they are serious when they say stupid things.

He was serious as a heart attack. You can watch the video on YouTube. He asked that question to a senior officer in the military (I believe) in front of hundreds of politicians.

And yes, they are serious all too often when they say stupid things. Like "blacks can't be racist", "America is systemically racist", "Defund the police" and "Shoot the White folk!". Have they not paid attention over the last few hundred years what happens to black nations when Whites disappear? Zimbabwe was BEGGING Whites to return after they themselves kicked Whites out at gunpoint because they were STARVING TO DEATH in a country that already had agricultural infrastructure, built by Whites, in place and in working order.



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