Alarming_Draw #sexist #wingnut

So it turns out the new Bond film, partly written by a man hating feminist, is basically a nearly three hour long film of apologising for being male...


Bond gets softened up to appeal to female viewers. So Bond becomes A DAD (ffs!). To a GIRL, of course. As if it would have been to a boy.....

And they kill the nasty chauvisnist sexist bond in the end, while lots of the film focuses on the MOTHER telling a story about him to the daughter and a FEMALE version of Bond.

Well done feminists. You killed off the male, just as you always intended.

As for the social media surrounding the film-remember this-the film is literally being touted as 'the last hope to draw audiences back to the cinema after the virus, to save the companies that make films'. So did you THINK they werent going to try flooding the web with fake positive reviews, or to pay people to monitor social media to counter negative reviews?



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