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(Laura Loomer)
President Donald J Trump has single handedly DESTROYED the Bush, Clinton, and now the Cheney political dynasties in American politics.

That’s why the globalists are working so hard to take him down.

President Donald J Trump is one of the most impactful and consequential human beings in our entire world history.



spoilerThe Great Reset, and ESG, are
in progess
it's about money and control
trump cancels climate
accords, and
makes the U.S. a net exporter
of energy
They're putting Trump through
all this, because if he gets
back into the Presidency, they
have lost 100 Yrs.. of their

@lauraloomer Yes! Let's get this party started for you, Trump, and everyone in the #AmericaFirst movement! 🇺🇸☝️

@lauraloomer He could not impart any meaningful impact to secure the release of incarcerated Jan6 prisoners.

@lauraloomer yes he is and so are you both of you have been banned, attacked by the corrupt media, and even attacked by your own party. You have a great future in the America First GOP party God bless the both of you❤️🇺🇸

@lauraloomer He's got to ditch the vax. I can't support him unless he does. It's killing us.

@lauraloomer Nope. Trump makes a comeback at the end of this year. We are NOT going to let a fraud election continue to destroy America. By 2024, nothing will be left.



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