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The Trans Mind-Virus Is Mutating

The normalization of transgenderism leads inevitably to the normalization of other sexual disorders.

We were called alarmists. Bigoted. Christo-fascists. After all, the transgender contagion was not spreading, drag was just an art form, and school employees were not facilitating children’s social gender transitions and hiding it from their unwitting parents.

Except, none of this was true. Turned out, the trans movement pointed not to a slippery slope, but to a cliff.


There also appears to be a connection between medical gender interventions and pedophilia advocacy. The relentless push for gender-affirming “healthcare” for minors posits the notion that castrating healthy boys or giving healthy girls double mastectomies is “settled” science. (In fact, it is anything but.) It grants medical professionals, who have a financial interest in performing such surgeries, a license to do so under the guise of performing “life-saving care.” What is more, the continued insistence that minors possess the maturity and agency to consent to irreversible “gender affirming” medical procedures supports an argument that they likewise possess the capacity to consent to other life-altering decisions. Like having sex with adults.

Sometimes, the connections between “gender medicine” and pedophilia are too apparent to ignore.

Trans-advocacy has fast become the harbinger for other disorders repackaged in advocacy’s anodyne language. Its precipitous spread now heralds other, irreversible body modifications and noxious cultural trends. Consider what some have called the “next abyss” of body integrity disorder—a condition in which a person "identifies" as handicapped. Seeking to exploit the cultural domination of the transgender movement, advocates have reclassified it as “transableism,” for which treatment includes amputation, a snipped spinal cord, blindness.

Given current trends, such medical barbarism may also be classified as “life-saving healthcare” soon enough.




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