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[Debate topic: “We should Institute a death penalty for homophiles and transexualists.”]

I hate gays The homosexual and it’s consequences have been disastrous for humanity. The LBGT community are a bunch of degenerate hedonistic pathetic excuses for humans. What does being Gay have to offer to a person’s lifestyle? Nothing. They inisist to go against nature and giving in to their mental illness. They can’t even have children. They are f***ing useless.


Both are hostile ideologies. Both transexualism and homophilia are dangerous concept invented by the cultural neo-marxists.
Both are demonstrably mental illnesses that serve to weaken and degenerate our nations and peoples.
Homophila spreads sexually transmitted diseases and lessens population growth.
It's going to the point now where they are demanding increasingly higher privileges for themselves at the cost of the majority population.
We cannot allow this cultural marxist madness any longer!


We should do it only if they are open about it and refuse to stop I think that a death penalty would be prudent in the case that homophiles and transexuals who are openly promiscuous are a degeneration of the sanctity of the public and society as a whole. No we shouldn't go on a witch hunt of mentally ill folks who can't control their lust or emotions but we should oppose normalizing it by any means necessary


Not exactly true, But close The culture of both is completely degenerate and has no benefit to society. They should not be killed for being that way, Just if they won’t shut up about it. It’s fine if they do it in secret, But they just get so pushy about it and how everyone has to agree with them. That’s when they cross the line.



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