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Being rather unwoke, I was mystified as to why it is forbidden to utter “all lives matter” or allude in any way to the horrific frequency of black-on-black urban crime. It turns out that merely being opposed to racism is not the same as being antiracist. Who knew? “Antiracist” requires adherence to the precept that all disparities are attributable to race and only to race. Therefore, anything that distracts from, complicates, or contradicts that precept is itself a racist act, even if factually true. (The spectacular anti-intellectualism of the defective products coming out of our universities is stunning.)

Once I finally grasped the simplicity and blinding stupidity of “antiracism,” I was immediately reminded of the Star Trek episode “The Changeling” (1967) the plot of which was reprised in the Star Trek movie (1979).

Remember how Capt. Kirk got the mutated/merged robotic Nomad (V’ger in the movie version) to destroy itself? Nomad was busily wiping out life forms from planets all over the quadrant but got the idea that James T. Kirk was its “creator” and Kirk used that to defeat the creature…

Conversations with the woke tend to have the same feel at the Kirk/Nomad exchange. To attempt a similar maneuver on a wokester, maybe first present this table from Powerline blog:


Then remind the wokester/Marxoid subject that if they/zie/sie is indeed anti-racist then:

(1) By definition, all disparate outcomes are solely the result of race. The interjection of other intervening causes, explanations, or factors is an inherently racist act to evade the truth of systemic racism.

(2) Whiteness and its privileged status is the essence of racism. Whites cannot be victims because their power to oppress is systemic, which systemic oppression cannot end unless and until whiteness disappears.

Alas, just being a wokester/Marxoid zombie probably means that one does not have sufficiently coherent programming to actually understand the contradiction so will likely not blow up like Nomad. That would certainly more entertaining than trying to have a cogent discussion with one.



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