ThatGamer707 #psycho #sexist

I have friends and family that are so close we would choose each other over anything.

I couldn't care less about society or their rules or anything. The only thing that really matters to me is family and friends.

Doesn't mean I would like what they did but I have some ppl I would back and help almost no matter what. As long as they don't hurt anyone I care about

So you would remain friends with a convicted rapist?

Yep if they were a really close friend. Nothing anyone did would change my mind as long as it wasn't to me or someone I care about.

Doesn't mean I wouldn't be a bit more cautious around them. Like not bring any women or men depending on who they raped into vulnerable situations with them.

My relationship/bond with them depends on how we treat each other and the bonds we formed not what they do outside that.



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