Son of the 1st Revolution #crackpot #racist

A few years back, I was going through "interview" (interrogation) training. Our instructor was a retired State Trooper famed for being able to pry confessions out of murderers. He said was that what a person is thinking about on a day to day basis eventually comes out of their mouth.

It made me remember a different course. One of the black students was going on and on about how he could never own a gun. He said that if he owned a gun, he would never get angry. He would just waste the person disagreeing with him. Knowing what I know now, he was inadvertently saying that despite his protests, he was in fact hunting around for a gun.

If you take that philosophy and look at the differences in race, we are different from childhood up. Too many liberals focus on the circumstances. They neglect to take into account that we are actually thinking differently all the time.

If you look at black music, especially rap, it focuses on sex and violence. The themes are knocking up as many hoes as possible while dropping bodies from the rival gang. That's what they're thinking about all the time. Sure white guys are thinking a lot about sex, and violence too, but whites and Asians seem to not let emotions get the better of them. Blacks thrive on jealousy and settling scores whether real or imagined.

IQ certainly plays a role, but even intelligent blacks seem to have an inordinate desire for revenge and an inability to let a small slight go. The same is true to a lesser degree with Hispanics. If you look at the gang/cartel problems throughout Mexico and Central America, it's hard to blame it solely on economics. Some of that poverty and misery is caused by what the populace is secretly thinking on a day to day basis.



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