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( @USCenturion )
I am blessed with some good news. I was able to convince a relative of mine to not get their child inoculated with the covid shot.

( @JoePatriot5961 )
@USCenturion I told my daughter not to get my granddaughter vaccinated and she listened. Thank the Lord!

( @fourandcounting )
@USCenturion God bless you for your efforts!!

( @Yellow_Doc )
@USCenturion It's also good news that you didn't call it a vaccine which it's not 👍

( @Akraw )
@USCenturion every small victory adds up

( @Markcarnahan )
@USCenturion that is fantastic news. They will thank you in the future.

( @JohnKarr )

Congratulations. One at a time is how we must win. I’m just trying to figure out how many times I’m going to have to hit my son in the head with a shovel to keep my granddaughter pure. He has a hard head so I might need an extra shovel.

( @Aleksei_Savinkoff )
@JohnKarr @USCenturion On a serious note though, my prayers and best wishes ... it's hard to even find a word for how it feels to witness loved ones getting poisoned like this, and lining up for it to boot. I watched my ex girlfriend take her first born son to get jabbed ... because "hey, if he wants to work, he needs a jab!" Dumb Bitch.

( @Dyanndr )
@USCenturion yes Children need to be protected from ignorant,brainwashed parents, who want to set them on fire so they can feel warm! Show this to that idiot of a relative that you had to convince, because he was too lazy or stupid to do 10 minutes of research!



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