Phishhed44 #crackpot #conspiracy

Crying As I Write This.

My youngest just informed me that she’s decided to get jabbed. My other 2 children are based. She’s an up & coming rock star and her beau is a famous one. I think it’s about 90-95% venues that require it as most of you know. After my RE-INFORMING her of the Truths I realized I could do no more. I told her I can’t die thinking I didn’t do my 💯% best to inform her of the Truths. I also told her my love will never wane over this, that I will hold her hand on her deathbed if that happens (and if I even got access there)...and that I will never say I told you so. NO PARENT SHOULD EVER HAVE TO BURY THEIR CHILD!!! wtf...I guess it was a bad day to have quit sniffing glue after all?



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