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My kids who are 18 and 23 took it. I did everything I could legally do to stop them but the pressure from their school, girlfriends, friends, government, social media and employers was more convincing. I don't want my kids to die. It fucking breaks my heart man.

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I bought a 6 pack of Ivermectin horse paste, the same day I received it my MAGA coworker told me his parents had covid. I gave him a tube of the horse paste the next day, they took it and they have made a full recovery within 3 days. It worked like magic.

Everyone should have a tube of this on hand just for emergencies. One tube is enough to treat a 1500 pound horse. So its enough to treat 3-4 people. You have to take 2 doses, 4 clicks per dose twice in a 48 hour period. There are 28 clicks per tube.

I have a feeling the deep state will try to release a more deadly viruses in the future. Before they go down in flames they will try to take the rest of us with them. Protect yourself and your family.

There are many options on Amazon right now. There are 3rd market retailers listed there as well. You do not need a Amazon account to purchase from them.

Stay safe my frens!!!


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Crying As I Write This.

My youngest just informed me that she’s decided to get jabbed. My other 2 children are based. She’s an up & coming rock star and her beau is a famous one. I think it’s about 90-95% venues that require it as most of you know. After my RE-INFORMING her of the Truths I realized I could do no more. I told her I can’t die thinking I didn’t do my 💯% best to inform her of the Truths. I also told her my love will never wane over this, that I will hold her hand on her deathbed if that happens (and if I even got access there)...and that I will never say I told you so. NO PARENT SHOULD EVER HAVE TO BURY THEIR CHILD!!! wtf...I guess it was a bad day to have quit sniffing glue after all?

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This is the way I see it. The Arizona audit had only one purpose, reveal the fraud. Decertifying the electors was never part of the plan because remember Q told us the military was the only way. The military will step in at some point. If we resolve the fraudulent election on our own does the military have the authority to step in?

I think we need to have the system completely fail the American people for the military to have the authority to step in. We need the military to round up all the bad actors.

What happens if they did decertify the electors in Arizona? What happens next? Who is going to have the balls to prosecute all the corrupt bad actors? Remember we want all these people arrested and tried for treason, do you think any AG is going to be able to pull that off? No.

So, Karen Fann stepping back right now may be part of the plan. Imagine if the results from the router audit was released. What might it show us? China stole the election from us. Is this something a AG would be able to prosecute? No.

Releasing the router data would have serious national security ramifications. It would prove we were attacked using cyberterrorism and a foreign nation was responsible, this is something the military would deal with. Releasing this sort of data could start WW3.

I'm sure this scenario is playing out just the way Trump wants it to. Do not get upset, sit back and enjoy the show.