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Netherlands: assaulting a minor boy results in a small fine and one day of prison

The two ladies forced themselves on the 17 year old pizza delivery boy. One filmed how the other groped and assaulted him.

I expect the feminists in the Netherlands to vocalise the absurdity and injustice of this sentencing any moment now. /s

Feminists in the Netherlands largely only worry about "lack of women in leadership positions" etc., while falseflagging about caring how men feel.


I can translate it for ya’ll, since I’m a Dutchie. 2 girls ordered pizza and opened the door for the guy while filming it. One of the girls was wearing bathrobes with nothing under it and another girl was wearing sm-clothing squeezed the guys balls/penis. The girls were laughing in the video and saying it was the ultimate dream for guys.

The guy later returned to the job while crying and hiss boss told him he should file charges.

Own opinion: it’s sad that the final charge is so low, especially since it had national coverage here and if it was the other way around it would’ve been much higher.

A 24 year old and a 25 year old are adult women, not girls. Did the article pass them off as girls?

Netherlands, where the sexual assault of a child is OK, when the perpetrator is a woman. These monsters, planned the assault, filmed the assault, bragged about the assault publically, but were given a rap over the knuckles for a heinous crime.

Sexist pigs in wigs running Netherlands, don't take your children there.

Ahh right, teach them young about their disposability and worthlessness in society. Shame them if they speak up.

Female Privilege: When the same thing happening with the genders reversed would cause far and wide outcries. Along with demand for heavy punishment for the aggressor.

*unless the perpetrator is a female transexual raping/sodomizing a female in a school bathroom... Then it wont be mentioned in schoolboard meetings.



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