BummerDrummer #sexist #dunning-kruger incels.is

Stop stuffing your face with shit pig. A females entire point of existence is for mating and sex/sexual appeal and when you stuff a 6 pound cake down your throat you destroy those. You fuck up your biological purpose when you eat so god damn much. They're always ALWAYS giga trashy.

With guys I get it. Stressful jobs and stressful lives for jew world order society that makes you a slave. I get it. I MORE than get it. I think if you're immobilized by obesity (like 600 pounds) then there's a problem, but if you're overweight I get it. With women I don't. There is no depression for women. There's sure as fuck depression and stress problems for most men but there's no depression or stress from women. There's nothing to even remotely to sympathize with when women bloat up to the size and weight of a literal dumptruck.



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