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I can't understand people who say they care about tradition, honouring roots and then marry people from completely different background, with a very different set of beliefs. I mean, you have to be aware that your children will probably end up very confused and desoriented, without the true sence of belonging if there are two languages spoken in the same house, and if their parent prioritize completely different things. That is the origin story of the majority of liberal train-wrecks.

Also, I can't imagine how it would feel not being able to recognize instantly your features in the face of your children, which is the case when race-mixing occurs, and while I don't mind it as a phenomenon, I believe most of us here care about our heritage and don't want to have a half assed approach to it.

You know that traditions can be passed on to the next generation, no matter how mix raced that generation is?

No, I actually dont know many cases of that happening, most people that grew up in the kind of families with mixed origins end up being some sorry 'citizens of the world', not really belonging anywhere. Similar thing can be said for the second or third generation of immigrants that lose touch with the country of their parents and in the end feel without a place in the world.

My parents grew up 1km from each other, my foundations are rock solid.

I am making assumptions based on patterns I noticed in real life, and even in my broader family circle whre I have wannabe Croats from mixed marriages in the west, that dont even know our language. It is not easy in these modern times to stay true to your roots and even less so if the child is getting contradictory signals from the start, in his family home.



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