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This right here is how you shitpost.

I like how he says "a jew" instead of "jewish".

spoilerI just learned Merrick Garland
is a Jew. Therefore, I withdraw
all my previous criticism of him.
I cannot withstand another
wave of charges of anti-
Semitism like I received for
criticizing Soros. BTW, that's
how I learned Soros is a Jew.

@Nature_and_Race this was an unexpectedly good tweet from the ex-congressman. Relatedly, Whites need to realize you cannot have "Jew" friends. Jews see you as clients, wallets, sources of exploitation, but never as friends.

@Nature_and_Race It's cool that this is how you wake people up.
You notice that some people in power are assholes, so you call them out for being assholes.
The mainstream media sees that and writes articles about how you're being antisemitic, because those assholes happen to be Jews.
You hate them because of their deeds not their race, you don't even know that they're Jewish, but then you start to say to yourself "Why are there so many Jewish assholes in power".
That's your Red Pill moment.

@Nature_and_Race Good, old Jewish Supremacy!

Never forget that Jews try to control you by whining about that myth called "antisemitism." Antisemitism is just a Jewish conspiracy theory. It doesn't happen because it doesn't exist.

And so is the Holohoax™. If it can't be researched and factually investigated, if it can't be questioned, it isn't true. The Holohoax™ is just another Jewish conspiracy theory.

@Whack_A_Mole_Champion @Nature_and_Race Ever notice how anti-asianism and anti-indianism aren't even words? Anti-semitism is the scam jews use to censor the discussion of their criminality.

@KennyLiquorbush @Nature_and_Race The last thing Jews want us to talk about is their Jewish Supremacy. That's why Jews are always talking about White supremacy - which really isn't even a thing - so that the focus will be on Whites and not on Jews as Jews continue to exert their Supremacy over the world.



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