micropenis29 & Ghost of Eskimo #sexist #racist #wingnut ncu.su

women hate capitalism because they aren’t good at producing value

yes, there will always be commies like @chudur-budur who'll cherry-pick the most successful onlyfans girls or pornstars

but you must realize that @chudur-budur's a low-IQ ethnic, and so he benefits enormously from his special ethnic privilege granted to him by women, soys, governments, & commies

@chudur-budur views capitalism the same way women view capitalism: he's too dumb to understand it but can sense he'll lose privileges under it

without their fake (government) jobs, fake (government) hiring practices, and of course their welfare, women & the dumbest ethnics struggle under capitalism, while the rest of us thrive

(Ghost of Eskimo)
Capitalism is cucked because it never wants to resolve your issues. The more issues you have, the more money it makes.

Therapy based on Kike Freudin psychology is capitalism at it's finest. It reduces you down to a set of values that can be manipulated into accepting your incel wageslavery.

All that's needed in life is to: nut deep inside 13 year old pussy and a plot of land you can farm.



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