Various Posters #racist

(on a thread regarding violent attacks on Asian-Americans)

(White Marylander): The MSM is not reporting nigger on asian attacks so Asian people have to go out of their way to get the story out. How can MSM report attacks when 95% of the perpetrators are niggers. The MSM just can't report that their cuddly wuddly pets are running around like viscous dogs and attacking humans.

(NiggerAway): The MSM and the owners of the Big Tech companies are the libtards responsible for hiding the truth and censuring what the public hears about. These same owners wouldn’t know a real nigger if they fell over one. The nigger pets they ‘know of’ have been bathed given proper clothing so that their pets are presented in the best light. It’s because they’ve never been hunted on the streets of the big cities by the feral niggers that the owners are denying the truth. We humans who are hunted, are very aware of how dangerous shitskins really are.

(EastAsianSoutherner): As someone who is of East Asian descent, this infuriate me and it pisses me off that younger Asian-American SJW are coddling to niggers by blaming other humans. About almost every incident that occurred against Asian-American comes from these subhuman coons, and the Asian-American community are not pointing to the source of all current anti-Asian hatred (which is niggers and their libtard coddler "allies" from Coonlifornia and Nig York). My social circle includes white Southerners (who are commonly mislabeled as "white supremacist" by the media). I also have to deal with niggers unfortunately since I live in the jungle of Metro Apelanta. I could tell you that I never encounter violent anti-Asian attack from other humans but my family have encounter burglaries by niggers and I have been mugged by niggers. Niggers are jealous of Asian humans succeeding while they never accomplish anything as a group except for turning cities into shitholes, enrolling at NU, and making life unpleasant for humans.



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