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Tim Tony Stark Rifat Mini-Biography

Born 1957. Libra star sign with Leo ascendant which makes me such a balance and Leonai character – I love cats. College educated. Former Lifeguard. Author. Multimillionaire and well rounded badass.

The world's leading expert on Psychic Warfare outside of Russsi, and a devotee of Yuri Andropov's Soviet Psychic Warfare program. Trained by MI6 Magus Colin Bloy in all the secrets of the Illuminati. An Ipsissumus magician who embodies the good traits of Aleister Crowley; so without the drug taking, penury, and misogynistic sex rituals. The successor of Don Juan and his shamanic legacy, which ended with Carlos Castaneda destroying the Warriors of Total Freedom, which brought in Tim Tony Stark Rifat's Warriors of Total Vengeance, the proletarian psychic peasants with pitchforks, who brought down the Illuminati elite with Soviet Psychic Warfare.
Noted for my malicious sense of humour, of which St. Nicholas is the foremost meme artist on the planet. If its out there, we take the piss out of it. Hence my fetish for Miley Cyrus, who's back history is so dementedly bizarre she peaks his interest. P.S. Just look at Miley with her enormous, humongous strap-on and look for any other A-Lister who even approaches her demented perfections.

Not noted for any ideology and since he was born in Brighton, the LGBTQ capital, he takes this behaviour as the norm and can't see why people are so upset about people just wanting to be people.

Devoted to using Psychic Warfare, not to change the world but his bank balance. Now building Psychic Warfare to control all aspects of sport, which is its normal purview, so that every sports endeavour on the planet will in the future be controlled by Tim Tony Stark Rifat and St. Nicholas' Rule of Sport organization.



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