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spoilerAmazing isn't it?
No masks, no social distancing, no
healthcare, no isolation, no
quarantining, not staying at home...
Just living their lives as normal,
and there are not dead homeless
everywhere? Weird right?

@I_Love_Me_A_Kracken I was saying this back in 2020 and folks looked at me like I was the crazy🤪

@I_Love_Me_A_Kracken Even more amazing: these people are often addicts with significant health problems who do not live or eat healthily...and they have survived: no problem.

@Humbledozer @I_Love_Me_A_Kracken they're immune to dying of "medical mishaps"

@I_Love_Me_A_Kracken no one has ever been found dead in their home from covid. They all die after getting to the hospital.

@classyamerican @I_Love_Me_A_Kracken or now these shots

@I_Love_Me_A_Kracken The United States doesn't have universal health care so only the ones with paid health insurance that had the flu went to the Hospital to be treated with knock-out drugs and put on ventilators to finish them off. The homeless stayed in their tents and rode it out like normal people used to do.

Amen! I’ve been saying this too. It doesn’t make any sense if that was supposedly a real pandemic…

@crapout it wasn’t

@EastApp94 Definitely wasn’t, I’m with you there

@I_Love_Me_A_Kracken My Popps and I have said this when the so-called-plandemic began lol. Well said!

@I_Love_Me_A_Kracken Not dead from Covid anyway



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