Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene & various commenters #wingnut #transphobia

( Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene )
Years from now people are going to say in disgust, there was a time in America where legislators fought to slaughter full-term babies, castrate boys, cut breast off of girls, and destroy women’s privacy & sports by allowing men inside.

History will not be kind.

Nor will God.

( @PhoenixJoe )
@repmtg I look at you in disgust. You have accomplished nothing but making yourself richer. You are the white trash AOC.

( @bobthebuilder123 )
@PhoenixJoe @repmtg she's actually a kike

( @PhoenixJoe )
@bobthebuilder123 @repmtg converted or an actual goblin?

( @bobthebuilder123 )
@PhoenixJoe @repmtg i'm leaning towards ethnic goblin

The face isn't symetrical, and the refusal to ever name them or a "proxy term" of them is glaringly obvious despite the fact everything she complains about is pushed by the tribe

( @soundtree )
@repmtg Where is the press conference from members of Congress to stop injecting humanity with weapons of mass destruction?....💉☠️

( @WakeTheFuckUp )

Once again, no mention of the 2+ years of scamdemic tyranny.

You literally remembered to mention boys in girls sports but forgot to mention the most massive, coordinated, devastating scam ever carried out against the human race.

Who is your handler and why don't they want you talking about the scamdemic?

( @Human90 )
@repmtg Years from now nobody will remember as the globalists will alter and erase history

( @bobthebuilder123 )
@Human90 @repmtg because people keep calling them "globalists" or "commies" instead of kike jews

if you name them then they can't hide in the shadows anymore

( @14W )
@repmtg They will think similarly of antiwhitism.

( @ThatTruckIsRacist )
@repmtg Raging anti White racism and a straight up invasion from the 3rd world meant to kill off White Americans, and you lazy fucks are talking about abortion



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