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[From “Maybe MAGA is Ready to Talk About the Jews?”]

Along with the Daily Stormer, there were two big internet forces in Donald Trump’s 2016 victory: 4chan’s /pol/ and reddit’s r/The_Donald.
I have not been a reader since 2016, but I’d imagine that it is currently fertile grounds to spread information about Our Greatest Ally to these folks. They are looking for someone to blame
There are two main reasons for the denial.
Childhood Brainwashing and Trauma-Based Psychological Abuse
Every child is taught that the Holocaust was the worst event in history, and they are continually traumatized with it, throughout their childhood. Along with watching an endless number of films[…]small children are shown pictures of piles of corpses[…]before the internet and pornography, this was usually the first time that a child has seen an image of a naked body
The Daily Stormer’s first mission was to use various forms of shock humor and spectacle to break through this mental conditioning.
Evangelical Christian Heresies
Evangelical Christians have devoted themselves to believing that the Jews are the people from the Bible. As we’ve talked about on this site in detail, “the Jews” are not the people of the Bible; they are the remote decedents of Israelites who rejected Christ.
It’s simply a fact that from the media to the Democrats to Jared Kushner, the people who destroyed Donald Trump’s presidency were Jewish.
There is zero strategic value in talking about Donald Trump as anything other than a tragic figure: a brave patriot who tried to save America but was thwarted by satanic Jews.



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