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I don't usually like making generational generalizations (lol kinda a pun) but I do think that women demand less from men than at any point in modern American history. It seems like for millennial women it's "wrong" to expect a man to pay for a date or to wait until he's proven himself to have sex with him or to actually care about how much money a man is on track to make.

Millennial women are just supposed to be compliant sex dolls who also cook and clean and go 50/60 on all bills—maybe even be the breadwinner in addition to taking care of those household duties. And they definitely cannot expect marriage which they are told is just a "piece of paper" when it clearly isn't.

I feel like we're in a very regressive time when it comes to relationships between men and women. It's like women are being aggressively bullied into having zero standards via memes/ internet discussion, the media, and the dating scene in general. Especially black women. I hate to see it.



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